Montana Pure Protein


Montana Pure Protein offers pulse crop ingredients and solutions to help satisfy consumer market demands for sustainable, flexible and nutritious products.

Naturally Gluten Free Organic Protein Concentrate, Starch Flour & Fiber Ingredients From Pulse
From the richness of our earth, and the knowledge bestowed to us of ancient grains, to the long proud legacy of farming and innovation in the USA, we deliver high-value, high-function pulse plant ingredients & solutions, from the place we call our home, Montana

Get To Know Your Pulse

Naturally gluten free organic protein concentrate, starch flour & fiber ingredients fit for companies in the business of developing food products AND in the home for families looking for healthy, allergen-friendly ingredients.

Form Meets Function

You Can Use Pulse Flours And Fractionated Pulse Ingredients In Pasta, Breakfast Cereal, Snack Food, Deep Frozen Dishes, Dressings, Extruded Bakery Products, Cookies, Crackers, Sauces, Instant Soups, And Puddings. 

Easy To Use With Existing Recipes.

Do You Know?

Eggs Are the 4th Most Common FOOD TRIGGERS for Allergic Reactions

Affected in U.S
0 M+

Replace Eggs with Pulse Concentrates

Clean Label Option

Clean Label isn't a trend. It's the Standard

Of Adults
0 %

Will Pay more for food ingredients they trust

Of Consumers
0 %

Choose foods made with Clean ingredients


Pulse Crops Are a Water-Efficient Source of Protein.

of Water to produce
0 Gals
of Pulses
0 Lb
to produce
800- 0 Gals
of Meat
0 Lb
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