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Pulse Is Good Business

We understand that food product producers face a variety of challenges in todays marketplace.

Your business needs sustainable sources of ingredients. Your business needs to adapt as consumer demands for healthy, clean label products. And, your product needs to maintain a high level of quality, taste and texture.

We believe pulse is the answer to many of these challenges and we are here to support your business. From pulse innovation and product design through to the supply chain and delivery of ingredients, you can trust Montana Pure Protein as a partner that puts your needs at the forefront.

Pulses are an excellent flavor flexible substitute to dairy and non-dairy ingredient options.
Pulses offer a higher use level to support more grams of plant protein in bakery, snacks, pasta, batters and breading.
Pulses are an excellent flavor flexible substitute to dairy and non-dairy ingredient alternatives.
Pulses offer unsurpassed functionality and a clean flavor profile.
The use of plant-based protein as an ingredient often increases the amount of fiber and key micronutrients.
Naturally gluten-free and non-GMO pulse ingredients DO NOT require special allergen labeling.
Our pulse crops are locally & sustainably grown within the great state of Montana, USA.

Get To Know Your Pulse

Naturally Gluten Free Organic Protein Concentrate, Starch Flour & Fiber Ingredients


Our Organic Protein Concentrates are used to increase protein content in different formulations including beverages, bakery, and snack products. Concentrates can be used to eliminate and/or reduce other protein sources such as dairy, soy, whey, and animal.

*Ingredients are available to be shipped raw in bulk quantities.


Our Organic Starch Flour is used for snacks with good expansion properties. The flour can be used for meats, dips, sauces, batters, and breading.

*Ingredients are available to be shipped raw in bulk quantities.

Pulse Ingredients

…are naturally healthy containing high concentrations of protein, amino acids and micronutrients.

Sustainable. Nutritious. Versatile.

Pulse =
Unsurpassed Versatility

Pulse protein and flour offer a healthy substitute for existing recipes or new food products under development. If your customers demand clean labels, naturally gluten free and allergen friendly ingredients from a local sustainable source, then Montana Pure Protein may be solution.

Natures Source For Allergan Friendly Food Ingredients.

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